Bletchley Woolworths – Store 787

180 Queensway, Bletchley, Bucks MK2 2SW

Woolworths opened in Bletchley in 1952. This is an extract from Bletchley Pioneers, Planning and Progress:

“On July 26th 1952, Bletchley District Gazette announced, ‘ Woolworths coming’. Captain Hubert Faulkner M.B.E negotiated the sale of a site for the store. In the early days it was situated in a pre-fabricated building so that it could start serving shoppers whilst arrangements were made for the erection of a permanent building. It was hoped that the fact that Bletchley had a Woolworths would encourage other firms to consider opening stores here. Capt. Faulkner commented ‘ it is a well-known fact that Woolworths make the centre of any shopping area.’”

Bletchley Woolworths 1953

The above photo is of the temporary pre-fab building. The below photos are of the finished new shopping parade.

Bletchley Woolworths 1960s

Source: Talk About Bletchley

Bletchley Woolworths 

Source: Talk About Bletchley

Bletchley Woolworths

Bletchley Woolworths

Source: Living Archive Milton Keynes

The store traded for 36 years, closing on 20th February 1988.

It was a Superdrug for many years, but today there is a shoe shop in the former Woolworths building.

Bletchley Former Woolworths



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