Liverpool (Park Road) – Store 794

191-199 Park Road, Liverpool L8 6SQ

A post-war Liverpool store, this Woolworths opened in 1953, and closed before 1995 as it’s not on that store list.

You can recognise it was a Woolworths store, although the windows have been bricked up. It was a Kwik-Save for a while.

Liverpool (Park Road) Former Woolworths

Source: Mayer, P.

Today there’s a carpet shop here.


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  1. Mike Forshaw says:

    I think this store closed well before 1995. I started working for Woolworths in 1984 and don’t remember it. It may well have been amongst the cull of stores around that time such as Walton and Netherton?

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  2. Richard Northover says:

    hi Sabrina ,looking at the management pictorial records it closed after 1969 but before 1974. I suspect it was amongst a number of closures
    during early 70’s to fund both 1971 decimalisation and the quick modernisation of smaller stores to reduce the cost and number of new tills needed. Larger stores still had a lot o personal services depts. alhough
    this was the era when cash and wrap central tills were introduced.

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    1. sabrina says:

      Thank you for the extra information – I can imagine it was a 1970s closure


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