Borehamwood Woolworths – Store 799

116-118 Shenley Road, Borehamwood, Hertfordshire WD6 1EF

Woolworths in Borehamwood was opened in 1953 on the corner of Cardinal Avenue and Shenley Road, before moving across the road. Thanks to the Elstree & Boreham Wood Museum we know the store was previously occupied by BBE Evans. The below photo from 1958 shows after the first Woolworths moved out – you can just make out the shadow of the name.

Borehamwood Woowlrths 1958

Source: Elstree & Boreham Wood Museum

Today Isabels and Home Needs are where the first Woolworths was.

Borehamwood Former Woolworths

131-141 Shenley Road, Borehamwood, Hertfordshire WD6 1AL

A few years after they opened in Borehamwood, they moved to 131-141 Shenley Road.

Borehamwood Woolworths 1960s

Source: Elstree & Borehamwood Museum

This is a more recent photo of the Woolworths store.

Borehamwood Woolworths 2008

Source: HertsLive

Borehamwood Woolworths closed in December 2008. Today there is an Iceland here.

Borehamwood Former Woolworths

Source: Ballysundriven


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