Old Swan (Prescot Road, Liverpool) Woolworths – Store 802

613 – 615 Prescot Road, Old Swan, Liverpool L13 5XB

Woolworths opened in Old Swan in 1953. Old Swan is an eastern neighbourhood of Liverpool. This was the 10th Woolworths branch to open in Liverpool.

Old Swan Woolworths 2008

Source: Flickr scousevulture

The store was part of a parade of shop and traded here for 55 years, closing in December 2008. You can see in the above photo it had the peppermint blue window and door frames.

A Home Bargains traded here for a while before they moved to bigger premises.

Old Swan former Woolworths

Source: Realla

Today an Alder Hey charity shop has opened in the former Old Swan Woolworths building.

Old Swan Former Woolworths

Source: Nearer.com


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  1. Mike Forshaw says:

    I recall this store shop front doors being Ram-Raided and the vehicle getting stuck in between the door jambs. Unable to get out of the car, the occupants had to sit there until the Fire Brigade arrived to drag their car out and release them.

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