Smethwick (High Street) Woolworths – Store 816

84 High Street, Smethwick, Warley, Worcs B66 1AQ

There were already two Woolworths in Smethwick – Store 170 and Store 373. In 1953 the third Smethwick Woolworths opened on the High Street, about a mile away from the other two which had opened in the 1920s.

The closing date is unknown, but it is not listed on the 1995 store list. At a guess it may have closed in the 1980s along with the other Kingfisher closures.

It was a Peacocks clothes store at some point, but today there is a bright blue shop called Blue Gates at 84 High Street. You can imagine that this was a Woolworths from the shopfront architecture – the consoles at the sides on the fascia.

Smethwick (High Street) Former Woolworths – Store 816

Source: Jelf, I.


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  1. Cole says:

    Need to get my brain in order on this one, there were 2 Smethwick stores in the Wolverhampton District in the 1960’s one was Cape Hill the other high st, high st was a old chapel converted to a woolies, high vaulted ceiling stock was stored in the gallery / mesanine area, at the front there were 2 display windows either side of the entrance, terrible place to be in the winter 4 big island counters, lowest sales in the district, it was closed and last time I drove past a few years ago it was a Sikh Temple, so this picture is not the High St Smethwick store that I did 2 pro tems on in the 1960, it’s fascia was classically that of a Chapel


    1. sabrina says:

      Hiya, thanks for sharing your memories! Yes it sounds like you were at the other Smethwick Woolworths.


      1. Jib Hauler says:

        The point I was trying to make was that the photo you show as high street is not high street, I also worked at Cape Hill which was the other of 2 stores in smethwick and the photo is not of cape hill, so unless high st was relocated to a new location which is possible I was in the district until 1971, high st smethwick was a desperate place the lowest sales in the district, next time I am in brum I will take a photo of my High St Smethwick

        Sent from my iPhone


      2. sabrina says:

        The 1972 store list states 84 High Street, Smethwick, which the photo is showing what is there today. There is a link to a quote from the photographer who remembers it as a Woolworths. But please do send a photo – perhaps we can solve this jigsaw!


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