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Walsall – Store 46

16 – 22 Park Street, Walsall, Staffs WS1 1NQ

Woolworths opened its 46th store in Walsall in 1915 on Park Street. Some time in the 1920s-30s, a new store was built on the site – the earliest frontage in art deco style to be designed by Woolworths staff architects, incorporating an angular version of the lion-head logo (see them at the tops of the windows) – the lion’s head emphasised Woolworth’s efforts to stock goods of British manufacture in the aftermath of WW1.

Walsall Woolworths 1920 - 1940

Walsall Woolworths 1920 – 1940

Source: Historic England

In 1953 the store was decorated for the Queen’s Coronation.

Walsall Woolworths 1953

Walsall Woolworths 1953

Source: Walsall Council

The back of the store could be seen from the bus station.

Back of Walsall Woolworths 1965

Back of Walsall Woolworths 1965

Source: Fisher R.

In the 1970s the fascia was updated.

Back of Walsall Woolworths 1978

Back of Walsall Woolworths 1978

Source: Jones, S.

I found this comment from a former Saturday boy: “…Woolworths, where I once had a Saturday job. The building to the left used to be Boots. All us Woolies people envied the conditions of the Boots staff – they even had a staff hairdressing salon on the roof.”

Walsall Woolworths 1983

Walsall Woolworths 1983

Source: Black Country History

The store closed soon after the above photo was taken. Years later, a new Woolies opened elsewhere in Walsall Town Wharf (store 1194). The Park Street store became a Currys and Dixons in the 1980s.

Walsall Former Woolworths - Currys Dixons late 1980s

Walsall Former Woolworths – Currys Dixons late 1980s

Source: Pete

Today the building is occupied by Barclays and Diffusion, and you can still admire the elegance of the Woolworths architecture and lion heads above.

Walsall Former Woolworths - Barclays Diffusion 2017

Walsall Former Woolworths – Barclays Diffusion 2017

Source: Chertsey130 Blog


Lewisham – Store 20

142/148 High Street, Lewisham, London SE13 6JJ

Woolworths opened its twentieth store in Lewisham, South East London in 1913. I am guessing this is because of its location near a railway station. Below you can see how it first looked before it had a rebuild.


Lewisham Woolworths 1937 (before rebuild)

Source: Woolworth’s 100 years on the high street, Morrison K.

In 1937 the store was upgraded with a cinema front. The company was particularly proud of its galleried frontage. The neon lettering at the top of the building cost £50,000!


Lewisham High Road Woolworths 1937

Source: woolworthsmuseum.co.uk

When Lewisham Shopping Centre opened behind the Woolworths store in 1975, Woolworths made another entrance at the back to the shopping centre. In the 80s, the store was halved in size and that is when Superdrug moved in. Then in the 90s, the store was split again and they kept the shopping centre side, which had a new store number, until closure in 2008.

Today the building is shared by Superdrug and Currys, and somehow just does not look so grand anymore. Doesn’t it look huge in the old photos?? Maybe it’s the angle of the 1930s photo that makes it look bigger than it actually is. Still, it is great that the Art Deco front is still here – if you ever are on Lewisham High Street, do have a look out for it.

Lewisham Former Woolworths | Superdrug Currys 2012

Lewisham Former Woolworths | Superdrug Currys 2012

Source: The Lost Byway


Middlesbrough – Store 8

51/67 Linthorpe Road, Middlesbrough, Teeside TS1 5BT

The eighth Woolworths branch to open in the UK was at Middlesbrough, back in 1911. According to the 1913 Kelly’s Directory of North and East Ridings of Yorkshire, it originally opened at 91-93 Linthorpe Road, but then moved to bigger premises at 51 -67 in 1926 (pictured below).

Middlesbrough Woolworths 1911

Middlesbrough Woolworths 1920s?

Source: 100thbirthday.co.uk

Middlesbrough was bombed quite severely in WWII and Woolworths was hit. The store was rebuilt throughout the 1950s, reopening with a more modern look in 1959.

Middlesbrough Woolworths 1950s

Middlesbrough Woolworths 1959

Source: 100thbirthday.co.uk

It traded for another 20 years before closing down in the 1980s when Kingfisher took over.

The building was split into 3 units and occupied by Currys, Champion and Fosters in the 1980s.

Middlesbrough Currys Champion Fosters 1988

Middlesbrough Currys Champion Fosters 1988

Source: alamy

Today the building is now occupied by USC and River Island – the closed down unit was Currys.digital until recently. You can see from the below photo how imposing a building it was. It would have been quite a large Woolworths store.

Middlesbrough USC and River Island 2012

Middlesbrough USC and River Island 2012

Source: ballysundriven

In the 2000s, Woolworths returned to Middlesbrough as store 1200, which I’ll cover in a separate post.


Burgess Hill – Store 891

49/51 Church Road, Burgess Hill, Sussex RH15 9BH

Woolworths arrived in Burgess Hill in September 1955 on Church Road (now Church Walk).

Burgess Hill Woolworths c1960

Burgess Hill Woolworths c1960

Source: Francis Frith

It was one of the later branches to be opened, as you can tell from the store number, and it looks as though it was medium sized from the photo above. I spoke to Burgess Hill local Robert who remembers the store from his childhood, in particular the pic n mix!

The store didn’t last long though, closing just under 30 years later on 15th September 1984. Perhap it was one of the low performing stores, or it was one of the casualties of the Kingfisher takeover when they closed several stores down to gain capital.

The building was later split into two and occupied by Sussex Stationers and Currys. In 2012 they had both closed down.
Burgess Hill emptycurrysandbookshop
Source: Burgess Hill Uncovered

In April 2012, a Wetherspoon pub opened here, after a £1.4 million makeover. During the makeover, the ghost of Woolworths past was revealed!

Burgess Hill Woolworths Ghost Sign
Source: Burgess Hill Uncovered

The pub is called The Six Gold Martlets – here it is, alongside the shiny new Subway, from when I visited Burgess Hill last weekend. I knew it was a Woolworths 😛

Wetherspoons Burgess Hill 2015