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Eastbourne – Store 172

97-101 Terminus Road, Eastbourne, Sussex

In the 1920s, Woolworth’s headquarters in London would receive nomination letters every day, suggesting a town where the chain should open. One of those towns was Eastbourne, for which the architects created a rather grand design. The store opened in 1924 on Terminus Road.

Eastbourne Woolworths 1924

Eastbourne Woolworths, Terminus Road, 1924

Source: Woolworthsmuseum.co.uk

This photo was taken in the 1950s – we can tell by the number plate on the bus. In 1955, a second Woolworths store opened in Eastbourne in the old Regal Cinema building at 143 Seaside (Store 849)  – I’ll cover that store in a separate blog post.

Eastbourne Woolworths, Terminus Road, 1950s

Eastbourne Woolworths, Terminus Road, 1950s

Source: Godfrey G., Flickr

According to locals on The History of Eastbourne Facebook page, the back doors opened up on to Tideswell Road. There used to be an alley that ran along the left side of the store to this road. In 1980, the Arndale Shopping centre was built behind the shops on Terminus Road, and the back of the Woolworths store was knocked through to the new shopping centre.

Eastbourne Woolworths is not on the 2008 store list, so it closed before the company went into administration.

Today the building is occupied by Poundland at 97-99, and Thomas Cook is at 101.

Eastbourne Poundland 2011

Eastbourne Poundland and Thomas Cook, Terminus Road, 2011

Source: Fawcett Mead