Sutton – Store 1192

71 High Street, Sutton, Surrey SM1 1DT

After Woolworths closed at 148/150 High Street, they moved down the road to 71 High Street.

71 High Street was quite a historical building in Sutton. It was where Sutton’s first department store was located, called Shinner’s Department store, built in 1935.

Shinner's Department Store, Sutton 1935

Shinner’s Department Store, Sutton 1935

Source: K Park Prints and Collectables

Shinner's Department Store, Sutton 1935

Shinner’s Department Store, Sutton 1935

Source: Old UK Photos

In 1979 Shinner’s was taken over by Allders, and they stayed in this building until 1991 when they moved into the new St Nicholas Shopping Centre (and then became Debenhams). Woolworths moved here in 1994, with a new store number 1192. It looks as though the building was rebuilt from the new-looking red brickwork, so perhaps this is why there was a 3-year gap. Woolworths traded here for 14 years until it closed in early January 2009.

Sutton Woolworths 2008

Sutton Woolworths 2008

Source: Featherstone, P.

Waterstones moved in, and it was the first Waterstones to trial their Cafe W concept. Meanwhile, the former Sutton Woolworths store manager teamed up with another store manager to open the toy shop Toy Barnhaus, which is still successfully trading today with 7 branches.

Sutton Waterstones 2015

Sutton Waterstones 2015

Source: Sutton Film Office


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