Billingham Woolworths – Store 820

37 Queensway, Billingham, Teeside TS23 2ND

Woolworths opened in Billingham in 1953 when the new shopping centre was built.

The shopping centre began to take shape in 1953, and attracted the big names of the time, such as Woolworths and Timothy Whites. It offered shopping on 2 levels and free car parking. In 1968 it boasted 1000 parking spaces. The shopping centre was designed not only for the local people but also to compete with nearby Stockton and Middlesbrough with a pub, nightclub and offices. The
pram ramp to the upper level was an innovative feature.

A Brief History of Billingham
Billingham Woolworths c1970

Source: Francis Frith

Billingham Woolworths

Source: Picture Stockton Archive

Former pro-tem manager John McKillop shares his memories. He was pro-tem manager around 1992 for a couple of months, whilst training in Hartlepool under the eye of Keith Birbeck. He remembers it being in a shopping precinct, the Assistant Manager was Trudy and Area Manager at the time was Michelle Rhodes. A great store.

A here is a note from Tracy Wearmouth “820 Billingham! My home town! I was Area manager covering the store from 2005 until all the stores closed. My Mam actually worked in the store before I was born. Loved the spooky flat upstairs with old wallpaper on! Lots of great SMs. Great team. Brilliant local store. It’s currently empty 😕”

Billingham Woolworths traded here for 55 years, closing in January 2009.

Billingham Woolworths 2007

Source: Flickr – htfld_n

After Woolworths closed, Fultons Foods was in its place. Today though, the unit is unoccupied and currently listed on RightMove.

Billingham Former Woolworths

Source: Teeside Live


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