Launceston Woolworths – Store 812

5-7 Southgate Street, Launceston, Cornwall PL15 9DR

Woolworths opened in the Cornish town on Launceston in 1953. It was a branch that only traded for 20 years, which we know thanks to this detailed post by Launceston Then.

Launceston Woolworths 1953

Source: Launceston Then!

In post-war 1950s, new Woolworths stores opened in existing buildings. Here in Launceston they opened in a Grade II Listed building, which is the reason this store was closed on 9 June 1973 – no alterations/extensions etc could be made to the building and access to the rear of the building was difficult.

Built as a large town house and shop by Philip King, a ‘clothier and father to Philip Gidley King’, in the early to mid-eighteenth century, No. 5 was subsequently occupied by a Mr Nicolls – selling clothing and groceries – and later by Cookes stores, prior to Woolworth’s arrival. 

Oct 3rd, 1953:
Shoppers queued from 4.30am to 9 am for the opening of Woolworth’s store in Launceston. The first three through the doors were presented with tea sets by the manager, Mr M J Norris.

Launceston Then!
Launceston Woolworths 1969

Source: Launceston Then!

Today there is a shop called Country Chic where Woolworths used to be.

Launceston Former Woolworths

Source: More Creative


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