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Mansfield – Store 100

16/18 Westgate, Mansfield, Notts

The 100th Woolworths store opened in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, in 1921. It must have been very exciting to reach store number 100, but I don’t have any particularly exciting information on this store. It traded from Westgate all the way to the end in January 2009. From the architecture I would say there was a refurbishment in the 1950s/60s.

Mansfield Woolworths 1966

Mansfield Woolworths 1966

Source: Our Mansfield and area

And it looks as thought the store was halved in size over time, as there was a bank and Dorothy Perkins on the left side of the building when Woolworths closed down.

Mansfield Woolworths 2009

Mansfield Woolworths 2009

Source: Ballysundriven

Today New Look is trading from the site.

Mansfield Former Woolworths - New Look

Mansfield Former Woolworths – New Look

Source: Green & Partners