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Worksop – Store 178

60 – 62 Bridge Place, Worksop, Notts

We are into 1925 now, and the first Woolworths to open in this year was in Worksop. There are no photos of the store from the early years. This photo is from the 1970s after the store had a makeover with oversized letters.

Worksop Woolworths 1971

Worksop Woolworths 1971

Source: Worksop Guardian

There was an article from January 2009 in the Worksop Guardian with some memories from former employees:

Pensioner Sheila Jordan, 75, worked for seven years in Worksop’s Woolworths when she was a teenager and now her granddaughter faces unemployment having lost her job there.

“It used to be a great place to work, with a lovely atmosphere,” said Sheila, 75. “I started in 1948. I went there to work at Christmas, and they kept me on,” she said.

Sheila began working in the jewellery and toiletries department when she was 15-years old, before moving on to the ice cream parlour. Husband Stan said he first spotted his wife when she was working there. “I used to pop in and have a look and I thought ‘that’s for me’,” he said.

Sheila even starred on the front cover of Woolworths’ in-house national magazine when she was 19-years-old. “I was delighted when they picked me,” she said.

Mr Jordan said the whole family was really disappointed at the news of the closure. “You don’t expect a company like Woolworths to go,” he said.

Granddaughter Katy Jordan, 20, had been working in the offices for Woolworths for six months, and is now out of work. “We were all really disappointed when we heard it was closing,” said Katy, “We just kept thinking it wouldn’t happen. I think some people thought it could have been saved.”

Source: Worksop Guardian

Bridge Street was pedestrianised in 1989, and I am guessing that was when the Priory Shopping Centre was built. Woolworths stayed in its location on Bridge Place but had a rear entrance on the shopping centre side (pictured below).

Worksop Woolworths 2008

Worksop Woolworths 2008 (rear entrance)

Source: Sheffield History Forum

The store closed in December 2008, and it became a B&M. This is the front entrance.

Worksop Former Woolworths - B&M

Worksop Former Woolworths – B&M

And this is the rear entrance.

Worksop Former Woolworths (rear) - B&M

Worksop Former Woolworths (rear) – B&M

Source: Ballysundriven


Mansfield – Store 100

16/18 Westgate, Mansfield, Notts

The 100th Woolworths store opened in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, in 1921. It must have been very exciting to reach store number 100, but I don’t have any particularly exciting information on this store. It traded from Westgate all the way to the end in January 2009. From the architecture I would say there was a refurbishment in the 1950s/60s.

Mansfield Woolworths 1966

Mansfield Woolworths 1966

Source: Our Mansfield and area

And it looks as thought the store was halved in size over time, as there was a bank and Dorothy Perkins on the left side of the building when Woolworths closed down.

Mansfield Woolworths 2009

Mansfield Woolworths 2009

Source: Ballysundriven

Today New Look is trading from the site.

Mansfield Former Woolworths - New Look

Mansfield Former Woolworths – New Look

Source: Green & Partners