Cleveleys Woolworths – Store 810

47-51 Victoria Road West, Cleveleys, Lancashire FY5 1BT

Woolworths opened in coastal town of Cleveleys, just north of Blackpool, in 1953. A large store, it does look purpose-built.

This photo is from a store re-opening, most probably after a refurbishment.

Cleveleys Woolworths

Source: Forshaw, C.

Janet Worthington worked at this store and she shares this, “810 Cleveleys was my last store as Office Manager where I was made redundant 6 months before everyone else. Such a lovely store with fabulous staff. Some of who I still see as they work for Home Bargains after the company took over the premises. 810 was always the busiest store in the town even on Sundays and is still sadly missed 😢”

Cleveleys Woolworths

Source: @cleveleysnews

Cleveleys Woolworths closed in January 2009. As Janet says, it is now a Home Bargains.

Cleveleys Former Woolworths

Source: Citykey Uk


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