Cardigan Woolworths – Store 776

High Street, Cardigan, Dyfed SA43 1JQ

Woolworths opened in the Welsh town of Cardigan in 1952. The following info was written by historian Glen Johnson (

“Gwalia House was advertised for sale on 22nd June 1951 and was purchased by F. W. Woolworth’s in February 1952. The new ‘Woolworth’s’ store opened on 18th July 1952. After many years of use by F. W. Woolworth’s, Gwalia House was demolished in 1978. An archaeological dig revealed traces of the mural tower of the old town wall which once stood here. A new Woolworth’s store was built on the site the same year. Work on the new store was almost completed on 11th May 1979 and the store was opened on 6th August 1979 by the Mayor of Cardigan, Cllr. H. Gwynfi Jenkins. Woolworths traded here in 1979-2009. A closing down sale officially began on 11th December 2008. Woolworths ceased trading here on 6th January 2009.” Johnson, G.

Cardigan Woolworths Staff Photo 1968 | Superintendent Mr Gribble | Manager Mr Hare

Source: FB Woolworths History and Photos

Cardigan Woolworths 2008

Source: ceridwen

Cardigan Woolworths Staff Photo

Today you will find The Original Factory Shop in the former Woolworths building.

Cardigan Former Woolworths

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