Haslemere Woolworths – Store 779

14 High Street, Haslemere, Surrey GU27 2JQ

Woolworths opened in the market town of Haslemere in 1952. Haslemere is in a conservation area, which meant this Woolworth looks quite different from other branches. Here is an extract from the Woolworths Museum talking about the design.

“Harold Winbourne, the company architect, showed remarkable stamina. While many of the new stores looked the same, he made it his mission to address any planning challenge with a bespoke design, adjusted to suit the locality. In some cases this involved converting an existing building, like an hotel or a cinema, while in others the new Woolworth was built in different materials to blend in better.”

Haslemere Woolworths 1952 and 2002

Source: Woolworths Museum

“His look for the store in pictureseque Haslemere, Surrey was such a hit that it went on to appear on a number of Company Christmas Cards over the next half-century, and became a particular favourite for more than sixty years.”

Haslemere Woolworths 2008

Source: Alamy.com

Note the rare gold lettering of the logo. Haslemere Woolworths closed in December 2008. It was unoccupied for a while but today The Entertainer is here.

Haslemere Former Woolworths

Source: Yell.com


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  1. terrymaywoodhotmailcom says:

    Without doubt one of the most ‘charming’ looking Woolworth stores. While working as a Training Officer at MRO I had to supervise Haslemere’s year end Inventory in the very early 1980’s. The store team were a great bunch of people and kept their store to a very high standard.

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